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Climate in the UK

Even for a small country like the UK, travellers can get unprepared with the weather that seems can change like a mood swing. Summers can get occasionally chilly and autumns occasionally warm. The weather can even change during the day, one moment it’s bright and sunny and then cloudy and rainy. Prepare yourself for the weather in the UK by downloading an app that shows the weather across various regions of the country to your mobile phone.

Though the country is located in the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, the Atlantic Ocean has a moderating effect on its climate. The UK mainland stretches 1,410 km (876 miles) from the northern most region of Scotland to the southernmost region in the southwest of England. Therefore, temperatures vary from the northern most region of (relatively lower temperatures) to the southern coastal region (relatively higher temperatures).

Summer at Russel Square in London by Umezo KAMATA

The Seasons

The sunniest and warmest areas of the UK are in the far south with hot spells from May to September. Temperatures during the period can reach 30°C (86°F) but usually between 13°C and 23°C (55°F and 73°F) with the hottest region being southeastern. England. In winter, the mountains of northern Scotland and the inland hills of Wales experience heavy snowfall but snow is rare in the southern region. Winter and autumn are the wettest seasons of the year, while spring changes between warm sunny days and cold windy days.

March snow in Edinburgh by Andrew Girdwood

Rainy Days

The UK has a reputation as being wet, cold and windy but this is an inaccurate picture. The UK’s rainy weather is world-renowned but in reality seldom lasts more than three hours. Furthermore, London has a lower annual rainfall than Paris or New York City but these two cities do not have the reputation of being rainy cities. More common are the occasional cloudy grey or overcast skies. Though the UK experiences regular rain throughout the year, rainfall in the western region is rainier than the eastern region. Furthermore, there are parts of the country that experience dry periods or go without rain for weeks.

Rainclouds over Liverpool by Stuart Madden

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