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The UK is one of the most visited countries in the world receiving over 35 million visitors each year from many corners of the globe. There are plenty of good reasons to visit the UK. The country is a land of diversity comprising of the home nations or countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with each having its own distinct character. Furthermore, it is a patchwork of diverse sceneries, historical legacies, mesmerising cultures and pulsating cities that it packs plenty as a travel destination. The UK offers something for everyone whether travelling alone, in a group or families ranging from the budget conscious backpackers to tourists without limits to their credit cards.


England is the largest and most populous of the four home nations that make up the UK and shares a land border with Scotland in the north and Wales in the west. There is so much to see and do in England offering visitors a wonderful mosaic of cultures, landscapes, cities, villages and amazing sites. There are also the inviting shops, endless entertainment venues and tempting foods. London is one of the most visited cities in the world and the main destination for many international visitors to the UK. However, you must venture beyond London to see other parts of England since it has so much to offer as a travel destination. About England

London's Piccadilly Circus by Jimmy Baikovicius


Scotland occupies the northern third of the UK mainland and includes the archipelagos of Orkney, Shetland, Outer Hebrides and Inner Hebrides. Scottish culture is rich and distinct from the rest of the UK and most noted for its foods, festivals, traditional music and attire. Edinburgh is the capital but Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and both are thriving and cosmopolitan yet rich in history and culture. Beyond the cities and towns, Scotland is renowned for its scenic landscape that includes spectacular mountains, meandering rivers and valleys, stretches of greenery and a long rugged coastline featuring cliffs, inlets and beaches. About Scotland

Royal Mile in Edinburgh by ewanmcandrew


Wales occupies the mountainous western peninsula of the UK mainland and borders England in the east. It comprises of three regions that include North Wales, Mid Wales and South Wales. There is a strong Celtic culture and Welsh often spoken especially in the northern and western regions of Wales and road signs are in both Welsh and English. Cardiff is the largest city and capital of Wales while the coastal city of Swansea is the second largest. Wales offers visitors its rich history, striking castles and a wealth of sceneries including stunning mountains, beautiful national parks, scenic trails and unspoiled coastlines. About Wales

Cardiff Bay by Gareth James

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland occupies the northeastern corner of the island of Ireland sharing a land border with the Republic of Ireland (Ireland) in the south and west. Despite its reputation of violence in the past, the situation is stable and much safer now since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Belfast is the largest city and capital of Northern Ireland and a city in renaissance with a proud Victorian and Edwardian heritage. However, Belfast also attracts visitors curious to know about the city’s violent past. Beyond the cities, you’ll discover tranquil villages, rugged mountains, sheltered lakes and enchanting coastlines. About Northern Ireland

Ann Street in Belfast by Ardfern

Crown Dependencies

The Isle of Man and Channel Islands comprise the Crown Dependencies i.e. associated but not part of the UK with each having its own government and legislature. The Isle of Man is an island situated in the Irish Sea while the Channel Islands include the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey situated in the English Channel off the northern coast of France. These islands feature delightful towns, neat villages, serene countryside and scenic coasts. With their cool summers and mild winters moderated by the Gulf Stream, the islands of the Crown Dependencies make great year round destinations. About the Crown Dependencies

Douglas on the Isle of Man by Rumburak3

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