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England is the largest and most populous of the home nations or countries that make up the UK with 53 million inhabitants. It occupies the central and southern regions of the UK mainland sharing a land border with Scotland in the north and Wales in the west. England also includes the nearby islands namely the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly off the southern coast. Beyond the mainland towards the west is the Irish Sea, which separates England from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on the island of Ireland. Towards the south and across the English Channel are the neighbouring countries of France, Belgium and the Netherlands on Continental Europe.

People & Culture

England has been a potpourri of new blood to its shores since the arrival of the Romans 2,000 years ago. Later the Angles and Saxons from the European continent came and intermingled with the local population, creating the original English. Then came the Vikings and Normans about a thousand years ago and infused new blood. The full list and its history are long but England has always been used to outsiders. Therefore, it is not surprising that the English are used to foreign visitors and are generally friendly and polite. English is the main language though spoken with different accents in various parts of England.

Royal Festival Hall in London by Cristian Bortes

England as a Travel Destination

England offers so much to see and do as a travel destination offering visitors its rich history, captivating culture, scenic countryside, natural beaches, bustling cities and quaint village towns. Visitors will also discover plenty of shopping opportunities, thriving markets and endless entertainment venues. When it comes to food, there is a wide diversity to tempt any food lover from the traditional cuisines to ethnic foods from around the world. London is the largest city and the main travel destination for many visitors to England and the UK. This cosmopolitan city of also one of the most visited cities in the world offering plenty as a travel destination!

Manchester skyline at night by Michael Colvin

Major Destinations in England

  • London is the largest city and capital of both England and the UK. It is one of the world’s most visited cities with its famous landmarks, museums, parks, shopping and vibrant nightlife.
  • Liverpool lies on a broad curve along the Mersey River. The city has a maritime heritage as well as home to many music groups including the famous Beatles.
  • Manchester is located in the northwestern region of England. It is a modern city occupied by office buildings and shopping complexes but has it fair share of heritage sites.
  • Brighton & Hove (often referred as Brighton) is the largest seaside resort town on the coast of the English Channel. The resort is popular with Londoners for short breaks due to its closeness to London.
  • Southampton is on the southern coast of England and associated with its long maritime history. The city is still a maritime centre and home to the fourth largest port in the UK.
  • Portsmouth is another city along the southern coast of England. The city is a naval port but also offers plenty of attractions including the seaside and several castles and forts.
  • Blackpool is a resort town on the northwestern coast of England. Though the town has a beach, its main attractions are the entertainment venues and amusement parks.

Beach at Brighton by G-Man

Transport in England

Getting into and around England is a breeze with it’s extensive infrastructure and efficient transportation. Most international visitors flying to England from outside the UK mainland arrive at one of London’s six international airports with Heathrow and Gatwick being the main airports. To get around, several train companies operate under the National Rail network that connects many cities and towns across England. Alternatively, there are coach or long distance bus companies (National Express is the major operator) offering cheaper fares than the trains. If you prefer to get around by driving, the road network is extensive and generally in good condition but tends to be of lesser quality in the rural areas.

Liverpool Airport by MarTePics

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