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Travelling Around the UK

The UK is a small country and well connected by several modes of transportation linking various destinations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For many visitors, London is the main destination but this cosmopolitan city is just part of the UK travel experience.

You can easily get your way around the UK by plane, train, coach, ferry or even drive. There would usually be several ways to get to your destination and the only things to consider are the cost, practicality and convenience of the mode of transport. Note that booking early can save you a lot of money since many operators offer substantial discounts for early bookings - the earlier the better!

Aerial view of Waterloo Station by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

By Plane

The main hubs for air travel within the UK are London, Manchester and Birmingham in England, Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland and Belfast in Northern Ireland. Several airlines fly the domestic routes and competition from low cost airlines has kept fares competitive. However, flying may not necessarily be the cheapest way to get around the UK. Around the UK by plane

Sumburgh Airport in Scotland by Ronnie Robertson

By Train

National Rail has an extensive railway network that extends 34,000 km (21,000 miles) and more than 2,600 stations over most of the UK mainland stretching from southern England to northern Scotland and westwards into Wales. Northern Ireland Railways (NI Railways) operates the railway system in Northern Ireland with Belfast as the hub. Around the UK by train

London Waterloo Station by Zverzia

By Coach

Coaches (long distance or express buses) are cheaper alternatives than the trains but often take longer to reach their destinations. National Express is the largest operator on the UK mainland with its extensive network of routes with Megabus competing on high frequency routes. Ulsterbus operates the Goldline inter-city services across Northern Ireland. Around the UK by coach

National Express coach by Eric Jones

By Ferry

There are regular ferry services linking Belfast and Larne in Northern Ireland with ports in England, Scotland and the Isle of Man. There are also ferry services sailing from the southern coast of England to the islands in the English Channel and ferries departing from various corners of Scotland to the islands off the coast. Around the UK by ferry

Car ferry to the Isle of Wight by Mypix

By Car

Whether renting or your own car, driving offers the flexibility of travelling and experiencing a large cross section of the UK than by train or even coach. The UK has an extensive network of well-maintained roads comprising of motorways, primary routes, secondary routes, B-roads and minor routes. Around the UK by car

M8 Motorway through Glasgow by Finlay McWalter

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