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Coach Stations in London

Travelling by coach (long distance express bus) is a great way to see parts of the UK that you wouldn’t be able see if you were to fly. You wouldn’t see as much even if you were to take the train. Taking the coach takes you on an unhurried journey through a cross-section of the UK passing through small towns, quaint villages and scenic countryside.

Coach travel is often the cheapest way to get to London and a low cost option for travellers on a budget. However, coach travel is slow compared to the trains and definitely flying. Prepare to sit inside the coach for long hours on long journeys! To improve the level of comfort, many coaches now have extra legroom and offer reclining seats. Most coaches allow passengers two medium size luggage to put inside the baggage compartment and a small luggage to carry.

National Express coach by Eric Jones

London is the transport hub for coach travel connecting the city with destinations across England, Scotland and Wales. It’s also the hub for connections with cities on Continental Europe. Coaches crossing the English Channel board the ferries crossing the sea or take the Eurotunnel Shuttle trains that pass under the sea through the Eurotunnel. The shuttle trains travel between Folkestone in southern England and Calais in northern France. London is the starting and ending point for coaches crossing the English Channel.

Victoria Coach Station

Victoria Coach Station is the largest and main coach station in London. It’s the London terminal for many medium and long distance routes between England, Scotland, Wales and Continental Europe. National Express and Megabus are the main operators for the domestic routes and Eurolines for connections between Continental Europe. About Victoria Coach Station

London's Victoria Coach Station by Oxyman

Green Line Coach Station

Green Line Coach Station is a short walk from Victoria Coach Station. It’s a much smaller station and looks more like an office block surrounded by parking bays for buses. The station handles mainly coaches travelling between destinations in the north and west of London on journeys that generally last not more than two hours. About Greenline Coach Station

Green Line Coach Station by Editor5807

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