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Special Diets in London

London is a city that attracts not only millions of visitors each year from across the UK but also from around the world with many having special dietary requirements. Health issues, ethical reasons, religious beliefs and as a life choice is usually the common reasons. London has an extensive menu catering to various special diets and visitors should not face any problem.

A Londoner with a specific dietary requirement would know where his or her food haunts are. However, visitors new to London would need to do a little research. You can save considerable time by researching the numerous food related websites to find establishments and their locations that serve foods that meet your requirement. It only requires a little research!

Vegan restaurant in London by Blue Moon in Her Eyes

Kosher Foods

For observant Jews, it’s not hard to find a kosher restaurant considering London’s thriving Jewish community. Though you can find kosher restaurants across the city, there are many concentrated in the neighbourhoods of North London including Golders Green, Stamford Hill, Edgware and Hendon. Kosher restaurants are not limited to just serving traditional Jewish dishes but also include delis, burger bars, pizzerias, fish and chip shops and even Chinese and Indian restaurants. The Food Hall at the Selfridges department store in Oxford Street has a kosher counter offering a nice range of delicious meals.

Kosher restaurant in London by Hezkel

Halal Foods

London is home to many Muslims who trace their roots to countries with large Muslim populations. The city is also a major destination for many Muslim tourists from across the globe. Muslim tourists should have an easy time finding superb halal foods in London and will often see a ‘halal’ sign in front of the shop - some may serve alcohol for non-Muslim customers. You can find halal establishments across London with many concentrated in Whitechapel Road, Brick Lane, Bayswater and Paddington. Halal takeaways and restaurants include Turkish, Pakistani, Indian and Middle Eastern establishments as well as many fish & chip shops.

Halal restaurant in London by Jivee Blau

Vegetarian & Vegan Foods

There’s a wealth of restaurants in London serving exclusively vegetarian and vegan dishes. True, you’ll not find a vegetarian or vegan restaurant at every street corner. You could even pass by one without realising it unless there is a sign large enough to notice. Nonetheless, it requires only a little effort by doing a simple search over the web and you will find them in London. However, vegetarian establishments are more common than those that serve only vegan foods.

Vegetarian option of a Full English breakfast by Ewan Munro

Beyond the exclusively vegetarian and vegan establishments, many restaurants in London are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Normally there’ll be a few vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. Most can prepare an excellent range of tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes that could even tempt a hungry meat eater. Pasta, curry dishes, dumplings, pies, sandwiches, humus, burgers, soups and puddings are just a few examples.

London is home to a large ethnic Indian community and along with it are the popular Indian takeaways and restaurants. Not all but many Indians of the Hindu and Sikh faiths are vegetarians while others are vegans. Most Indian restaurants serve meat and seafood dishes but will include vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. However, there are Indian establishments that serve only vegetarian and vegan dishes. Popular meatless Indian foods include varieties of flatbreads, aloo gobi (curried potatoes and cauliflower), palak paneer (spinach and cottage cheese), kaali dhal (black lentils) and chole (chickpea curry).

Indian vegetarian dish by Ewan Munro

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