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Eating Out in London

London has literally thousands of food joints and countless cuisines that deciding where and what to eat can bewilder anyone. Furthermore, there’s a range of establishments to suit any budget from the cheap eats to upmarket. These include the numerous food stalls, sandwich shops, takeaways, fast food joints, cafes, delis, pubs and casual to fine dining restaurants.

British Foods

International cuisines are popular in London but British foods refuse to wither. The British food scene extends from the humble dishes served by the food stalls, takeaways and pubs to innovative dishes served by the fine dining restaurants. British classics include fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, bangers and mash, shepherd's pie, Beef Wellington and Sunday roast. While there’s a resurgence for traditional dishes, there’s a trend for new dishes focussing on artisan foods and seasonal produce.

Gastro pub in London by Reading Tom

Ethnic Foods

London is a multi-cultural city and home to a multitude of ethnicities from various corners of the globe. Londoners have always been accepting toward different cultures and it includes the various ethnic foods from around the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the international culinary scene here is so diverse that it’s a city spoiled with unimaginable choices! Here you can find Italian, French, Spanish, Latin American, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Malaysian and Thai to name a few.

Thai restaurant in London by A P Monblat

Where to Eat

London must be the food capital of the world! Londoners have a passion for food and not only can you find a diversity of cuisines in this cosmopolitan city but also never have to walk far for a bite. Walk along any typical London street and you can find at least a restaurant or takeaway. Nevertheless, there are popular destinations in London when it comes to good food. The following are some of the popular dining destinations in London.


Soho is a small neighbourhood in Central London and once famous for its sleaze and beatnik lifestyle. Gentrification gradually changed the neighbourhood in the 1980s. Today, it’s a popular place for socialising and dining with over 60 restaurants, cafes, late night coffee shops and pubs in the area. Besides British fare, you can find cuisines from many corners of the world in Soho.


London’s Chinatown is a small Asian enclave in the Soho neighbourhood. The enclave is distinctively Oriental with its Chinese symbols, decorations, signboards and sculptures. Befitting Chinatown are the high concentrations of Chinese–owned businesses including restaurants with many Chinese restaurants here specialising in fantastic Cantonese or Sichuan dishes.

Restaurant in Chinatown by Ewan Munro

Charlotte Street

Charlotte Street passes through Fitzrovia in Central London and a short walk from Goodge Street (Underground) Station. The southern half of the street is home to numerous restaurants and cafes. You won’t find cheap eats here but offers a diversity of cuisines including British, American, Italian, Spanish, Argentinean, Brazilian, Indian and Korean to name a few.


Brixton is a working class neighbourhood and home to a potpourri of residents of Asian, African and the Caribbean descent. It’s is a lively and colourful area of London with a thriving food scene. There are plenty of small cafes, cosy restaurants, takeaways and stalls offering Indian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and African cuisines besides the British fare.

Camden Town

Camden Town is located in northwest London and its main draw is the lively Camden Market comprising of several markets. Shopping for bargains is the main attraction at Camden Market but also a food paradise consisting of numerous stalls, inexpensive cafes and restaurants offering a diversity of foods from various corners of the world including the UK.

Stall at Camden Market by Matthias Nonnenmacher


Southall is a residential district in West London. Slightly more than half of the residents are from the South Asian community including Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Southall has a South Asian character and known as London’s Little India. Expect to find plenty of South Asian restaurants, takeaways and food stalls in Southall.

New Malden

New Malden and the surrounding area are home to the largest Korean community in the UK. Many are permanent residents while others are expatriates working with South Korean companies. You’ll find many Korean shops and restaurants here. Popular Korean dishes include bulgogi (grilled meat), japchae (stir-fried noodles), bibimbap (rice dish) and kimchee (fermented vegetables).

New Malden by Roger Cornfoot

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a street passing through East London between Swanfield Street and Whitechapel High Street. The area is the heart of London’s Bangladeshi community earning it the nickname Banglatown. It’s famous for its numerous South Asian restaurants and often referred as the curry capital of the UK. The majority of the South Asian restaurants here are Bengali-owned establishments.

Drummond Street

Drummond Street is a few minutes stroll from Euston railway station. The area along Drummond Street offers a diverse range of South Asian restaurants. The diversity includes Indian (from south to north Indian), Pakistani and Bangladeshi establishments. There are also a number of vegetarian restaurants serving spicy South Asian cuisines in the area.

Golders Green

Golders Green is in the borough of Barnet with the busy shopping street of Golders Green Road passing through the area. It’s home to a large Jewish community with over 40 synagogues within the neighbourhood. Golders Green is London’s kosher capital with over 50 kosher restaurants but can find others including Indian, Iranian, Japanese, Chinese and Italian restaurants.

Edgware Road

Edgware Road passes through northwest London between Marble Arch and Edgware. The area attracted Arab migrants in the late 19th century and today home to a large Middle Eastern community earning the nickname Little Cairo and Little Beirut. Edgware Road is popular for its many Middle Eastern restaurants including Egyptian, Lebanese, Persian, Turkish and Moroccan.

Edgware Road by Oxyman

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