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Borough Market, London

Borough Market is a famous wholesale and retail food market in London. The food market is located at Southwark in Central London, near the southern end of London Bridge and the towering Shard. A popular market with Londoners, Borough Market is the mother of London’s food markets and renowned for its emphasis on quality foods.

Borough Market is the oldest and one of the largest food markets in London with a history that dates back to the 13th century though some say even earlier. The current Borough Market is located in a mid-19th century building featuring an Art Deco style entrance, wrought iron roof, maze of passageways and open spaces. This Victorian style market is a top attraction in London that visitors often forget about time when exploring through the maze of passageways.

Borough Market by Jeremy Keith


Borough Market was initially a wholesale market supplying fresh fruits and vegetables in quantity to London’s local grocers. Today it’s a wholesale market as well as a retail market offering speciality foodstuffs. The market opens to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. but the full market when all the shops and stalls are open is from Wednesday to Saturday. The limited market is from Monday to Tuesday when some shops and stalls open but still there are still plenty of traders. Borough Market can get crowded at times and the quieter hours are usually in the afternoons during the weekdays.

Shoppers at Borough Market by Andy F


Brought Market is a lively market and part of the fun is wandering through the passageways discovering foods sourced from various corners of the UK and abroad namely Europe. There are around 150 traders when there is a full market with most specialising in local produce and some on imports. Many of the traders here are also producers and therefore have deep knowledge about the foods they sell. Most traders are more than obliging to answer questions from curious shoppers.

Fresh produce at the market by Daniel R. Witte

There are endless varieties of fish, shellfish, pasture-fed meat, wild mushrooms, fresh vegetables, fruits, spices and cooking ingredients. This sprawling market is also a paradise for gourmet foods including freshly baked bread, artisan pastries, pies, diary products, confectionery, ciders and cured meats. Three Crown Square is the largest area of Borough Market and essentially sells produce while the area around the square offers delicious cuisines from around the world. The foods sold here emphasises on local traditions, which differentiates it from other markets in London.

Freshly baked bread by Rob Qld

Borough Market is a gem for food lovers, offering a bewildering variety of tempting cuisines. Even if your plan were just to explore and not shop, you would still want to sample some of the foods from the stalls or even the restaurants and cafes, which source much of their produce from the market. The list includes slow cooked meat roast and stews, roast meat sandwiches, meaty pies, veggie burgers and vegetarian pastries. There are also dishes from around the world including French, German, Italian, Argentinean, Thai, Indian, Egyptian, Ethiopian and the Caribbean.

Visiting Borough Market

Borough Market is a short walk from London Underground's London Bridge Station serving the Jubilee and Northern Lines. At the station, search for the sign indicating the exit point to Borough Market. London’s red buses numbers 43, 141, 149, 521 stop at Borough High Street and Southwark Street which are short distances from Borough Market. For those driving in London, there are car parks at the Union Car Parks at Southwark Street and Snowsfields NCP near London Bridge.

Borough Market on the Map

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