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Brixton Market, London

Brixton is a working class neighbourhood in Lambeth, a borough situated in the southern part of London. It’s primarily residential and home to a diversity of ethnic mix from many corners of the globe notably from the Caribbean, Africa and Asia with many having lived here for generations. There are no architectural landmarks, upmarket shopping or posh restaurants in this part of London.

Brixton’s main attraction however is the Brixton Market, which gives the neighbourhood its lively and colourful character. The market comprises of several outdoor street markets and covered arcades. It’s a hidden gem unknown to most tourists and hardly promoted as a London attraction. However, Brixton Market is always welcoming towards outsiders. It’s unlike most markets in London with its unique multicultural character not found anywhere else in London.

Brixton Market by Cristian Bortes


Brixton Market began as a street market in the 1870s, initially along Brixton’s Atlantic Road and then spread to Brixton Road. Traders later moved to the arcades at Brixton Village, Market Row and Reliance Arcade in the central part of Brixton in the 1920s and 1930s. The arcades are adjacent to each other, forming an extensive network of tightly packed shops, restaurants, cafes and stalls. Besides the three arcades, Brixton Market also includes the street markets on Electric Avenue, Pope’s Road and Brixton Station Road. There are over 100 street traders with some having been here for decades.

Electric Avenue in Brixton by Matus Benza


Brixton Market comprises of small independent shops and stalls selling varieties of goods including cheap clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, flowers, art, used items, groceries and street food. It’s most famous for its Caribbean and African products but there are also from other communities including Asian, Middle Eastern and South American reflecting Brixton’s ethnic diversity. You won’t find expensive designer brands and fancy cuisines in this working class neighbourhood except cheap and affordable. Any day of the week is a good day to come with the weekends being the busiest and liveliest.

Brixton Village by Danny Robinson

The pedestrianised outdoor street markets are centrally located in Brixton and joins with the covered arcades. The bustling market at Electric Avenue features plenty of shops and stalls selling Caribbean, African, Asian and South American products. The Granville Market Space is a weekend market located across the road from Brixton Village. The street traders here offer arts, crafts and plenty of tempting foods. There’s a Farmers’ Market every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. offering a nice selection of fresh produce, cheeses, cakes and homemade breads.

Colourful clothes at Brixton Market by Cristian Bortes

Restaurants, cafes and bakeries have taken over many of the tiny shops at the covered arcades in Brixton Village, Market Row and Reliance Arcade. Many open from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. but close by 6 p.m. on Mondays. It’s a pleasure strolling through the arcades and the perfect spots to be on a rainy day. The arcades are popular haunts for foodies with its diversity of ethnic foods including Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, South American, Caribbean and African. There are no fine dining restaurants in Brixton and restaurants here are so small that many tables are located outside along the arcade’s walkway.

Visiting Brixton Market

London Underground's Brixton Station (serving the Victoria Line) is centrally located in Brixton and within a short walk from Brixton Market. A short distance from Brixton Station is Brixton railway station serving the Chatham Main Line from London Victoria Station to Dover. London’s red buses on route numbers 2, 3, 35, 37, 45, 57, 59, 109, 118 stop at various locations in Brixton. There are also night buses on routes P4, P5, N2, N3 and N35 stopping in Brixton.

Brixton Market on the Map

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