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Camden Market, London

Camden Town (often referred as Camden) is a working class neighbourhood located about 4 km (2.5 miles) northwest from Central London. The neighbourhood’s main attraction is the Camden Market situated between Camden Town and Chalk Farm (Underground) Stations. Though situated in a working class neighbourhood, the market attracts Londoners from all walks of life.

Camden Market actually comprises of several adjoining markets that are so close together that you would not know one from the other. Small independent shops and stalls occupy Camden Market and a shopping paradise for bargain hunters. The food scene is also another at attraction here, featuring stalls serving varieties of tasty cuisines from around the world. Weekends are the best times to be a Camden Market but also the busiest, attracting around 100,000 visitors during the period.

Camden Market by TomasEE


There was a small craft market operating every Sunday near Camden Lock in the mid 1970s. More markets popped up in Camden Town eventually forming a complex of several markets. Temporary stalls initially occupied the markets and then extended to include a mix of stalls and small independent shops. Today the markets comprise of Stables Market, Camden Lock Market, Inverness Street Market and Buck Street Market collectively known as the Camden Market. Shops at the markets operate throughout the week but only on weekends are all the shops and stalls open, usually from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Camden Lock Market by BKP


Camden Market is a bargain hunter’s dream. Here you can find an extremely wide range of items including cheap clothes, accessories, decorations, artwork, antiques, knock offs and a host of knick-knacks. Camden Market is liveliest on the weekends when all the shops and around 200 stalls open attracting an overwhelming crowd of Londoners, out-of-towners and curious tourists. If the huge crowd is not for you, then visit Camden Market during the weekdays but not as lively. All the shops open on weekdays but only a few stalls open and therefore there’s less variety compared to the weekends.

Small independent shops in Camden by Cristian Bortes

Stables Market is the largest of the markets and comprises of hundreds of small independent shops and stalls selling all sorts of items including alternative and fetish clothing! Camden Lock Market focuses on crafts but you can also find clothes, books, jewellery and stalls selling a variety of tempting fast foods. Inverness Street Market is a popular fruit and vegetable market but there are a few stalls selling cheap clothes and souvenirs. Buck Street Market is an outdoor market for clothes including mainstream, alternative and funny shirts.

Besides shopping, Camden Market is also a foodie’s paradise and the quality of the foods served by the stalls here are generally good with a few jewels. The food scene is multicultural with dishes from various corners of the globe including British, Italian, Portuguese, Mediterranean, Indian, Japanese, Caribbean and Argentinean to name a few. You can find food stalls throughout Camden Market but the best destinations are Camden Lock and Stables Markets where there are dozens of stalls offering endless varieties of tasty foods.

Food stalls at Camden Market by Francois Thomas

Visiting Camden Market

The nearest London Underground stations are Camden Town and Chalk Farm Stations, both serving the Northern Line. Camden Market attracts the largest crowd on Sundays turning Camden Town Station into an exit only station from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Use Chalk Farm Station instead if you plan to leave Camden Town or Camden Market during the period. A number of London red buses travelling from various locations in Inner London stop near Camden Town and Chalk Farm Stations.

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