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Greenwich Market, London

Greenwich is a borough situated along the southern bank of the River Thames in southeast London. The borough has a rich maritime history and a major attraction here is Maritime Greenwich, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many buildings of historical and architectural significance. Besides, Greenwich is where the world sets its clock that gives the name Greenwich Meridian and Greenwich Meantime (GMT).

Another attraction here is the colourful and vibrant Greenwich Market. It’s the only market in London set within a world heritage site and therefore unsurprisingly has a touch of history. Greenwich Market is popular for its arts and crafts though you can find an eclectic mix of merchandises. The market opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Though popular with both Londoners and tourists, Greenwich Market is not touristy but has a touch of a neighbourhood or small town feel.

Entrance to Greenwich Market by Arild Vagen


There has long been a market in Greenwich since the 14th century but the current Greenwich Market dates back to the early 18th century. Greenwich Market is home to a mix of over 120 closely packed stalls surrounded by small shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs operated by small businesses. A glass roof protects the market, which makes it a great destination for a market in London regardless of the weather or season. The market is family friendly with regular events for kids during the holidays.

Inside Greenwich Market by Daniel Case


You can find a host of merchandises at Greenwich Market but the market is most popular for its arts and crafts. The market features work by local artists and artisans with many of the vendors being the artists and artisans themselves. Furthermore, you can see some of them working their skills, giving you an opportunity to talk about their work. The art and craft items include paintings, drawings, glasswork, leather craft and embroidery. Other items include pottery, ceramics, jewellery and scented candles.

Clothes for sale by Paul Vlaar

There are also the vintage items including clothing, jewellery, accessories, vinyl records, books and posters. The designer labels here are from the local cottage industries and therefore hard to find outside of Greenwich Market. The fashion designs here follow an independent streak that includes men’s and women’s wear, leather jackets, scarves, knitwear and accessories. Other items found among the shops and stalls include decorations, gifts, tableware, linen and sheepskin products.

There’s a tempting assortment of foods from many corners of the globe at Greenwich Market. Besides traditional British, you can find Spanish, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian and South African foods. The foods are not only from the stalls but also from the restaurants, delis, cafes, bakeries and gastro pubs. Here you’ll find British mash and pie, Brazilian churros, Indian chicken masala, Japanese sushi, Chinese dim sum, flatbread dishes and delicious burgers. Then there are the handmade chocolates, freshly baked muffins, chocolate tart and lemon meringue. These are just a few to tempt you!

Pub at Greenwich Market by Ewan Munro

Visiting Greeenwich Market

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) stops at Cutty Sark Station situated nearby Greenwich Market. Greenwich Station is another DLR station but located about 10 minutes walk from the market. Trains on the National Rail network depart from Cannon Street, Waterloo, London Bridge and Charing Cross railway stations to the nearby Greenwich and Maze Hill railway stations. Several boat operators under the London River Services stop at Greenwich Pier, which is a short walk from Greenwich Market.

Greenwich Market on the Map

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