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Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park is one of the larger parks in London and equivalent to Central Park in New York City. Situated in Central London, it’s the most well known among the many parks in London and the most remembered by visitors to the city. This popular city park covers 142 hectares (350 acres) and is the largest of the eight Royal Parks of London.

Bayswater Road borders Hyde Park in the north, Park Lane in the east and Knightsbridge in the south. In the west, the park lies adjacent with the 111-hectare (275 acres) Kensington Gardens and the public generally regard it to be part of Hyde Park but are two separate parks with a distinct character of their own. Hyde Park is a green lung in the heart of London with its wide stretches of grassland, tree covered areas, formal gardens, a meadow and recreational lake.

  Cricket at Hyde Park by Dinkum


Hyde Park has a long history dating back to 1536 when King Henry VIII took the land from Westminster Abbey and used it as his hunting ground. King Charles I opened the land as a public park in 1637 and it quickly became popular. It was a popular location for duelling in the 18th century with 172 duels taking place. Hyde Park was the venue of the Great Exhibition of 1851, the first in a series of World Fairs that was popular in the 19th century. Hyde Park has also been a major venue for several royal jubilees and celebrations including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

See & Do

In spring and summer, it’s common to find people lying on the grass and sun loungers enjoying the sun. Activities to enjoy include swimming, rowing, pedal boating, cycling and horse riding. There is also a 9-hole putting green and pitches for football, tennis and lawn bowling. In winter, there is an ice-skating rink around the Victorian bandstand. The Hyde Park Playground is a superb children’s playground located in the park’s southern boundary and features climbing frames, swings and slides. There is a lakeside restaurant and a cafe where you can get a full meal to a cup of coffee while enjoying views of the park.

Boating at Hyde Park by Peter Trimming

There are several formal gardens in Hyde Park and the most popular is the beautiful Rose Garden situated in the southeastern corner of the park. Since its opening in 1994, the garden has attracted high numbers of visitors each year who come here to admire and enjoy the fascinating flowers. The Rose Garden is circular shaped with climbing roses planted along the perimeter. Within the garden are varieties of brightly coloured roses that give the place a romantic feel. The Boy and the Dolphin Fountain is in centre of the garden and dates back to 1862.

Formal garden in Hyde Park by Deror Avi

Speakers’ Corner is located in the northeastern corner of Hyde Park and has been a popular spot for orators since 1872. The place is most active on Sundays when orators talk about anything from politics, religion to the hilarious. The Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is one of the largest Christmas-themed events in the UK and held for six weeks leading to the New Year. The event features various fun fair attractions, markets, live entertainment, a large ice-skating rink and plenty of food. Entry to the Winter Wonderland is free but you have to purchase tickets for the attractions.

Hyde Park has a rich diversity of flora and habitats attracting a wide range of wildlife, though much of it goes unnoticed by visitors. You will find various species of birds (such as robins, dunnocks and tits) and insects (such as beetles, bees and foraging insects) making their home in the trees, shrubs and gardens. The Serpentine is a large recreational lake that attracts wildfowl including grebes, swans, gulls and geese. In summer, you can find colourful butterflies feeding on the wildflowers in the meadow.

The Serpentine by Txllxt TxllxT

Visiting Hyde Park

Hyde Park opens throughout the year from 5:00 a.m. until midnight. There are several London Underground stations located around Hyde Park and are within short walking distances. Both Hyde Park Corner Station (corner of Park Lane and Brompton Road) and Knightsbridge Station (along Brompton Road) serve the Piccadilly Line. Queensway Station (edge of Bayswater Road) and Lancaster Gate Station (along Bayswater Road) serve the Central Line.

Hyde Park on the Map

Westminster, London W2 2UH, UK

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