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London Overground

The London Overground is a rail network running in an orbital direction and covering the outer suburbs of London. The Overground service has the same logo as the London Underground except that it is orange in colour instead of red. On the Tube map, the orange line represents the routes on the London Overground. 

Many of the attractions in London are in the central area of the city and the commuter train network mainly served by the London Underground. Therefore, most tourists to London will hardly ever use the Overground trains, which cover the outer suburbs. However, the trains bypass the central area of London and therefore a convenient shortcut for travelling between the outer suburbs. An example is the Overground trains running between Kew Gardens and Camden.

London Overground train by mattbuck

Paying the Fare

You can purchase a single or return trip ticket from the ticket machines at the Overground stations but are not good value. Furthermore, there are already plans to do away with the tickets. Use the prepaid cards (Oyster Card, Visitor Oyster Card or Travelcard) which offer better value as well as convenience. Another option is the contactless credit/debit card such as Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass.

  • For paper tickets, insert the ticket into the slot on the ticket barrier and then remove it when entering the platform. When exiting the platform, insert the ticket again but this time the gate retains the ticket.
  • For cards, tap the card on the card reader (yellow pad) to open the ticket barrier when entering the platform. When exiting the platform, tap the card again on the card reader to open the gate.
Oyster Card reader by Stephen Craven

Overground Lines

The London Overground comprises nearly 170 km (104 miles) of rail connecting 23 of London's 33 boroughs. The service consists of nine lines that include:

  • Lea Valley Lines comprising of two lines running along the Lower Lea Valley of the River Lea.
  • The North London Line running through the inner suburbs of North London.
  • West London Line running through the inner suburbs of West London.
  • East London Line running through the inner suburbs of East London.
  • South London Line running through the inner suburbs of South London.
  • Watford DC Line travelling running between London Euston and Watford Junction.
  • Gospel Oak to Barking Line running between Gospel Oak and Barking.
  • Romford to Upminster Line running between Romford and Upminster.

Wandsworth Road Overground Station by Sunil060902

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