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Transport in London

You can drive yourself around London but the city suffers from slow moving traffic and parking is expensive especially in the central area. London is one of the largest cities in the world and its public transport system is one of the largest. The system is efficient with an extensive network of buses, trains, trams and riverboats. Then there are the taxis and private hire vehicles that complement London’s public transport system.

Oyster Card & Travelcard

You can use the prepaid Oyster Card, Visitor Oyster Card or Travelcard on London’s public transport system. The prepaid cards offer great convenience as well as savings compared to the paper tickets (for single rides) especially if you are planning on multiple trips. About the Oyster Card & Travelcard

Ticket gate at a London Underground station by James Petts

London's Buses

London’s red double-decker (there are also single-decker) buses are familiar sights on the streets of London with an extensive network covering more than 700 routes. For sightseeing, the upper decks of the buses offer opportunities to see the many sights of London. About London’s buses

London Underground

The London Underground is an extensive underground commuter train network comprising of 11 lines and around 270 stations. The trains are often the easiest and fastest way to get around London and for most visitors, the main form of public transport in the city. About the London Underground

London Overground

The London Overground is a rail network running in an orbital direction covering the outer suburbs of London. Situated outside Central London, most tourists will hardly use the overground trains but a convenient shortcut for travelling between the outer suburbs. About the London Overground

Wandsworth Road Overground Station by Sunil060902

Docklands Light Railway

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is an automated light rail system covering the Dockland area of East London. For most part, the network is above ground and comprises 38 km (24 miles) of rail covering five routes that passes through several interesting areas of London. About the Docklands Light Railway


Tramlink is a light rail tram system operating in South London covering areas between Wimbledon, Beckenham Junction and New Addington. The tram network covers 28 km (17 miles) of track comprising of street tracks on public roads and on former railway lines. About Tramlink

London River Services

The London River Services (LRS) are licensed private boats operating on the River Thames. Travelling on a riverboat is slower and expensive compared to travelling on the trains or buses but a relaxing and enjoyable way to see many major scenic sights of London. About the London River Services

London River Services boat by Edward


Taxis are expensive in London and therefore consider taking a taxi when there are at least four passengers or have luggage to carry. There are two types of taxi services in the city namely the famous black taxis and private hire vehicles also known as minicabs. About taxis in London

Driving aCar

London suffers from slow moving traffic especially in the central area and parking is expensive that most Londoners use public transport. However, driving yourself gives you the freedom to explore beyond Central London and further beyond the city limits. About driving a car in London

Oxford Street in London by Adrian Pingstone

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