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Travelling to London

London is the capital of the UK and one of largest and most visited cities in the world. The city is also major transport hub in the UK and therefore well connected with plenty of locations across the UK and around the world. Several options are available to get to London including by plane, train, coach (long distance express bus) and driving by car.

By Plane

London is a major international hub for air travel with six major airports serving the city including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City and London Southend Airports. Together the six airports serving London account for around 60% of all air traffic in the UK, connecting to nearly 400 international destinations and 15 domestic destinations. To London by plane

North Terminal at Gatwick Airport by Martin Roell

By Train

London is the hub of the rail network on the UK mainland with connections to many cities and towns across England, Scotland and Wales. The city is also the final stop in the UK for the high-speed Eurostar trains arriving from the French cities of Paris, Avignon, Lille, Lyon and Marseille and the Belgium city of Brussels on the European continent. To London by train

The Eurostar by Bernard P├ępellin

By Coach

London is the hub for coach (long distance or express bus) travel between the UK and Continental Europe mainly served by coaches under the Eurolines network. On the domestic routes, National Express is the largest operator with its extensive network of routes connecting London with cities across England, Scotland and Wales. To London by coach

National Express coach by Eric Jones

By Car

London is easily reachable by road connected by an extensive network of roads with cities and towns across England, Scotland and Wales. The M25 motorway encircles Greater London and from here radiates into other motorways and primary roads connecting the city with the rest of the UK mainland. To London by car

M1 Motorway by DaveGorman

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