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Interesting Neighbourhoods in London

London comprises of numerous neighbourhoods, districts or specific areas with each having its own unique character. There are so many that you would never be all to visit them all on a single visit to the city. Even a Londoner wouldn’t be able to give you travel advice if you were to ask about all the areas of London. The following are on the top of the list of areas you should visit while in London.


The neighbourhood is primarily working class and home to a potpourri of various ethnicities from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. A major attraction here is the lively Brixton Market but also home to a thriving music scene and food from around the world. About Brixton

Camden Town

Camden Town is a working class neighbourhood and well known for its large markets collectively known as the Camden Market. It's a lively part of London and always welcoming, attracting both Londoners and visitors to shop, dine and enjoy the nightlife. About Camden Town

 Camden Market by Editor5807

Canary Wharf

The area is a major business and financial district in London but also a lively area for shopping, dining and entertainment. Canary Wharf is a prime example of modern architecture with its towering office complexes, which are some of the tallest in Europe. About Canary Wharf


The neighbourhood was once a bohemian enclave but today an upmarket area and home to many of London’s wealthy residents. It is home to many trendy cafes, classy restaurants, upmarket retailers and London's famous Chelsea Football Club. About Chelsea


London’s Chinatown is a small enclave within Soho and unmistakeably Asian in character. Chinese symbols, decorations, sculptures, traditional gates, a pagoda and even Chinese signboards adorn Chinatown to give it an authentic Oriental feel. About Chinatown

Chinese New Year decorations in Chinatown by Txllxt TxllxT

Covent Garden

Covent Garden has a festive atmosphere and hugely popular as a prime destination for shopping, entertainment and food. The epicentre is Covent Garden Piazza, a pedestrian only cobblestone square surrounded by centuries old buildings. About Covent Garden


Greenwich is where the world sets its clock that gives the name Greenwich Meridian and Greenwich Meantime. It’s an area of great historical importance with a rich maritime history and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. About Greenwich

Leicester Square

Though not a scenic part of London, it’s a major entertainment district with its theatres and cinemas. There are also the casinos, clubs, restaurants and cafes surrounding the square as well as the impromptu street performers to entertain you. About Leicester Square

Odeon Leicester Square by Danjamz

Piccadilly Circus

The spot is a lively area of London and a miniaturised version of Times Square in New York City with its lighted coloured advertisements and video displays. Piccadilly Circus is a recognisable landmark and popular meeting spot in Central London. About Piccadilly Circus


The neighbourhood was once as a sleazy area of London famous for its strip clubs, sex shops, crime and the beatnik lifestyle. Soho went through considerable gentrification beginning in the 1980s and today a fashionable and upmarket area of London. About Soho


The area is the centre point of London’s history and culture where many of the city’s most famous attractions are located. It's the centre point of British politics, government and the location of the official residence of the British prime minister and monarch. About Westminster

Palace of Westminster by DaniKauf

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