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Top Free Attractions in London
Despite London's expensive reputation, you don’t have to spend a fortune on admission tickets to many of the city's attractions. In fact many of London’s top attractions are free including the museums and art galleries. Top Free Attractions in London

Top Free Museums in London
London is home to numerous museums including those dedicated to history, natural history, science, decorative designs, transportation and more. Many of the most popular museums are free to the public. Top Free Museums in London

Top Free Art Galleries in London
London is undeniably an international arts capital with its numerous art galleries, which are home to a broad spectrum of collections including many masterpieces. Admission to many of the city's art galleries are free to enter. Top Free Art Galleries in London

London's Popular Markets
London has plenty of markets dotted across the city selling almost anything at knock down prices. The markets take on a lively and colourful atmosphere and are also great places or sampling London’s tempting street foods. London's Popular Markets

Self Guided Walking Tours of London
A great way to explore London is to go on a self-guided walking tour. A tour on your own gives you the opportunity to explore London at a leisurely pace and take time to enjoy the various places of interest. Self Guided Walking Tours in London

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