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Oban Airport, Scotland

Oban Airport (IATA: OBN) is a small airport located 9 km (6 miles) from the town of Oban on the western coast of the Scottish mainland. Oban is the ‘Gateway to the Isles’ and the airport links the mainland with the islands of Coll, Colonsay, Islay and Tiree in the Inner Hebrides. Oban is also a resort town with many hotels, restaurants and cafes located here as well as plenty of nearby attractions including nature and history Seafood is a specialty in Oban earning it the title as the ‘Seafood Capital of Scotland’. Besides scheduled flights, Oban Airport also handles sightseeing flights throughout the year around the Loch Linnhe area. The airport opens throughout the week but opening hours vary according to the season.


Airlines & Flights

Hebridean Air Services is a small airline based in northern Scotland and has a fleet size of two Britten-Norman Islanders. It uses Oban Airport as its hub and currently the only airline operating at the airport. Hebridean Air Services flies scheduled flights between Oban Airport and airports on the islands of Coll, Colonsay, Islay and Tiree in the Inner Hebrides.

Aerial view of Oban Airport by Bill Miller

Airport Facilities

Oban Airport is a small single level airport handling around 3,000 passengers each year. Airport facilities include a check-in counter, departure lounge, large flat screen TV and a snack bar offering a selection of snacks and drinks.

Oban Airport terminal by John McLuckie

Ground Transport

Parking is free at Oban Airport and there are local buses connecting the airport with the towns and villages. Taxis are available from Oban Taxis but must be booked in advance. Car rentals in Oban include Flit Oban and Maclennan Motors, which must be booked in advance and picked up in town.

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