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About Visiting Britain

About the Website

The best of all travels start before hitting the road. It begins by doing research about the destination since it can positively have a significant impact on a person’s travel. Each traveller has a unique interest and research gives the traveller prior insight about a destination to set priorities of things to see and do. Therefore, research helps the traveller to prepare and make the best use of the travel time and plan the travel budget.

Visiting Britain ( is an online guide describing destinations in the United Kingdom (UK). There are tourists who travel on planned guided tours and there are the independent travellers. This online guide caters to the independent traveller researching for relevant information for inspiration in their travel planning. The guide also makes a useful companion with a connected mobile phone or tablet while on the road. Tourists on guided tours will still find this guide useful, offering a deeper appreciation and understanding of their travels.

This online guide provides relevant information explaining where to go, what to see and what to do. All travel destinations have their landmarks and icons. There are also the hidden gems that are off the tourist radar for the unique travel experience. This guide explores the destinations with relevant information telling it ‘as it is’. Even having some knowledge of your destination is better than not knowing.

About the Publisher

Visiting Britain is the work of a single person doing it as a hobby rather than a career. I have been travelling since I was kid, initially following my parents and then visiting them as my father worked on overseas assignments. In my working life, I continued to travel and lived in several places doing my own assignments. During my travels, whether on short or long-term assignments, I took time off to explore the places I stayed. Nearing my sixties, I am semi-retired and the itch to travel has not faded. The great thing about semi-retirement is I have more time than before to write and develop this website. Most travel guides and blogs write in the descriptive style, I prefer the expository style in my website focusing on the relevant info.

Khal Rasdam


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