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1. What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent from a web server and stored in the web browser of a computer, tablet or mobile phone when visiting a website. Cookies send back information to the server when there is a request for a page from a browser. Cookies are either persistent or session cookies. A persistent cookie remains in the web browser until deleted at a set expiry date while a session cookie remains until the browser is closed.

Each website sends its own cookies to a web browser and usually do not send back identifiable information about the user i.e. information is anonymous. Cookies helps a server keep track of a website being accessed on a browser. It also allows the server to recognise the browser on subsequent visits and access how it is used to enhance the web browsing experience.

2. Cookies from this Website

Yola ( is the webhosting provider of this website ( Like other websites, this website (through its webhost) uses cookies to enhance the web browsing experience. It also collects anonymous data from the browsers and aggregated to provide information such as total number of visitors, total visits, total page views and landing pages. The information helps the publisher improve the website’s contents.

3. Third Party Cookies from Advertisers

This website contains third party cookies from its ad network (Google Adsense) and affiliate partners (HotelsCombined, Jetradar and Hotellook) that provide advertisements and booking apps on this website. The third parties may use cookies alone or with other tracking technologies to track and collect information about you. The publisher, this website and webhosting provider have no control over the third parties including their tracking technologies and how they use your information.

  • Google Adsense may use cookies to collect information about your browsing history on this website and previous browsing history on other websites to provide you with behavioural advertising.
  • If you click the advertisements or key in the booking apps, you will be directed to the advertisers’ websites and the third party cookies may continue to track you.

If you have queries about your privacy with the third parties, review their privacy and cookie policies at their websites or contact then directly. You can find more information about the ad network and affiliate partners on this website in the advertisement section.

4. Third Party Cookies from Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides the analytic service through the use of cookies to track and measure web traffic on this website. The analytic service does not collect personal information such as the identity of the user. It collects anonymous data and aggregates them into various categories such as total number of visitors, number of visitors by geographic location, pages viewed and time spent on the website in the form of charts and tables. The information helps the publisher understand about visitor trends to the website to improve the website’s contents. You can find more info about Google Analytics at

4. Consent Notification

There is a notification on the landing page about the use of cookies from this website. Continuing to use the website automatically assumes you consent to the cookies sent to your browser.

5. Disabling Cookies

If you do not want to accept cookies but still want to access this website, you can disable them in your browser setting. However, some features of this website and possibly links to other websites may not function properly.

Updated on 30th June 2018


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