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Privacy Policy

1. Personal Information

This website ( does not collect identifiable personal information such as your name, age, sex, marital status, spouse, children, occupation, email, phone number, home address, IP address, personal interest etc. There are no logins or online forms on this website for you to provide your personal details and therefore there is no information about you to collect. Therefore, you will not receive any marketing communications since this website does not collect your contact details. The publisher and owner of this website is a single individual whose hobby is writing about travel. The publisher is not in the business of collecting or purchasing personal information from any party. If you have an enquiry or comment about this website, the only way to contact the publisher is by email. The publisher will use your email address only to reply to your enquiry or comments and not for any other purpose. You can find more information about the publisher and this website in the about section

2. Aggregated Information

This website uses cookies stored in the users’ computers to collect anonymous data for aggregation and grouped into various categories (such as total number of visitors and number of visitors by geographic location) in the form of charts and tables. The data does not involve collecting identifiable personal information such as the identity of the user. The purpose of the aggregated information is to understand visitor trends to the website and subsequently assist the publisher improve the website’s contents. The publisher does not share nor sell the aggregated information. You can find more information about cookies in the cookies section.

3. Links to other Websites

This website contains links to third party websites, which are responsible for their own privacy policy. The publisher does not receive nor wants any personal information from the third parties.

4. Revision

The publisher reserves the right to revise this website’s privacy policy. Please check this page for updates.

Updated on 30th June 2018


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